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EXCEED is a new generation of tabletop fighting card game! Whether you prefer to fight with cerebral tactics, high-energy combos, or sheer reckless abandon, we've got you covered!

Select your fighter and head into the ring! The game takes only 5 minutes to learn or teach, and every turn you're faced with simple but important decisions about what to do next. 

Created by 2-player game design veteran D. Brad Talton Jr. (BattleCON, Pixel Tactics, Millennium Blades), the game has been tested and balanced to provide an accessible, high-energy experience. Whether you're coming to EXCEED from the world of video games or as an expert card gamer, there's a lot to experience in the system.

Don't take our word for it though! Download a print-and-play edition (click the banner below), or follow along with one of our daily live games!


We play EXCEED live on every day! Come join us, learn the game, and ask questions directly with the creators!

We've come to Kickstarter to bring you 16 all-new fighters. These fighters comprise the original cast of characters from Level 99 Games' upcoming game world, Seventh Cross

Seventh Cross is a macabre/horror setting, in which hunters from the enigmatic Church fight to keep order in a world that parallels the 1920's era of our own. In this world, the darkness within humans' souls can transform them into monsters. Society at large is oblivious to the secret, centuries-old war to control this power which still wages in the shadows. Each individual in Seventh Cross boasts a darker, monstrous nature, which they can tap into in order to gain power.

EXCEED was first released last year, featuring sixteen fighters from Jasco Games' Red Horizon universe. The game was developed by Brad Talton, the creator of the hit fighting board game BattleCON. EXCEED's goal is to capture the energy and speed of an arcade-style fighting game using the mechanics present in card games. It has been a fan-favorite since its release!

Each season features 16 new fighters from a different world. In this, the second season of EXCEED, we've created an original property called Seventh Cross, containing characters which will appear in several other upcoming games as well!

You can learn more about the world and characters of Seventh Cross on our website!


Check out this excellent tutorial video by our friend, Cardboard Stacker, to learn how to play EXCEED!



Join us for daily live games on!
Join us for daily live games on!


"My review: Purchase this game immediately." - Tycho, Penny Arcade

?...I dig Exceed. It?s one of the smartest, most enjoyable, and most immediately rewarding game systems I?ve ever had the joy of interacting with.? - Dan Thurot, Space Biff! 

"There are several games of this type... but this stands out as a particularly good one... I like the pace of the experience... pretty frantic." - Marco War Gamer

"If you like head-to-head two-player combat games where you are trying to outwit, outsmart, out-kill your opponent... and if you like them to be brisk, this one will definitely fit that bill." - Bower's Game Corner

"An excellent job of capturing the essence of old-style fighting video games into a card game... great replayability and strategy." - Bearded Meeple

Transformation is a new mechanic that was designed for the fighters in Seventh Cross. Characters evolve over the course of play, gaining access to new abilities and powers. Transformations represent the fighter tapping into their monstrous natures, and make it easier for the fighter to EXCEED, along with granting new powers.

When a fighter enters EXCEED Mode, they change completely, gaining a new core ability that drastically alters the way they play. All of the fighters in Seventh Cross are flexible, and their kits adapt to support a new style of play mid-match, leading to exciting upsets.



Transformations in Seventh Cross are inspired by horror mythos from around the world, both ancient and modern!

Check out the Sixteen heroes and villains of Seventh Cross, along with their monstrous forms!


Learn more about the individual characters and their play styles here!




 Bonus Fighters!

We have an extra fighter joining us from another universe as well! Like all bonus fighters, Carl has his own card face style and alternate Normal Attacks.

These fighters are included in the $100 and $160 tiers at no extra cost! Other tiers can add them on for $8 each (by pledging $8 over the normal pledge+shipping amount).
Learn more about Carl Swangee by reading Penny Arcade's original comic, Automata!

  Pooky joins us from the world of SlugFest Games' Red Dragon Inn, a tabletop gaming classic!

 And we'll be joined by the Shovel Knight, courtesy of Yacht Club Games!


We have some cool stretch goals planned out! Most of these goals enhance the Church Inquisitor Edition (the $100 tier) with new extras.





Season 1 contains 16 fighters from Jasco Games Red Horizon universe, first popularized in their UFS Collectible Card Game.

Season 1 features 4 different boxes, each containing 4 fighters. Fighters in season 1 are fully compatible with those from Season 2, and future seasons as well!

 Want something from Season 1 right now? Get it in our online store!

Level 99 Games is a publisher specializing in high-quality hobby games, particularly 2-player dueling games. We've funded and delivered many well-known Kickstarter projects in the past, including Millennium Blades, BattleCON, Pixel Tactics, Argent: the Consortium, and more!

The EXCEED Fighting System is designed by D. Brad Talton Jr. and characters from our latest season have been tested and balanced over a year and a half by both new and expert players. As a professional design studio with a specialty in dueling games, we have lots of experience creating some of the most highly-rated 2-player games on the hobby market.

The art and characters of Seventh Cross are a design collaboration between Brad and Lead Artist wickedalucard, who have been working together to create the setting and illustrate the characters for over a year now.

The graphic designs of the cards and interface elements were created by Laura La Vito, an independent graphic designer who has worked on a number of other board game projects.

Special Thanks to Cardboard Stacker for the intro video editing, to Alex Brock for the design of the playmat, to several generous fans for creating our Tabletop Simulator test module, and to all the fans in the Level 99 Games community for their tireless proof-reading and testing.

We're all very excited to be bringing you this project at last! Thanks so much for becoming a part of it!

Available Rewards:


Church Inquisitor

Everything in the Paladin tier, plus a Kickstarter Exclusive playmat with original art by wickedalucard, the series lead artist!

Delivery is EU and Canada-friendly.


  • Box 1: Geoffrey, Celinka, Taisei, and D'Janette
  • Box 2: Zsolt, Renea, Minato, and Tournelouse
  • Box 3: Galdred, Eugenia, Umina, and Remiliss
  • Box 4: Luciya, Syrus, Seijun, and Iaquis
  • Seventh-Cross themed EXCEED Playmat
  • 18 Alternate art chibi Character Cards
  • Artbook
  • Poster
  • Shovel Knight Bonus Fighter
  • Pooky Bonus Fighter
  • Carl Swangee Bonus Fighter
  • Sydney & Serena Bonus Fighter
  • Emogine Bonus Fighter
  • Collector's Box (Stores Seasons 1 and 2!)

Church Initiate

Join the fight with your choice of one of the four standalone EXCEED boxes.


  • Choose one of the four standalone boxes of EXCEED.

Boxes include:
1: Church vs. Empire. Contains Geoffrey, Celinka, Taisei, and D’Janette

2: Hunters vs. Demons. Contains Zsolt, Renea, Minato, Tournelouse

3: Magic vs. Monsters. Contains Eugenia, Galdred, Umina, Remiliss

4: Guardians vs Myths. Contains Luciya, Syrus, Seijun, Iaquis


Church Paladin

Master the horrors of Seventh Cross with all four standalone EXCEED boxes.


  • Box 1: Geoffrey, Celinka, Taisei, and D'Janette
  • Box 2: Zsolt, Renea, Minato, and Tournelouse
  • Box 3: Galdred, Eugenia, Umina, and Remiliss
  • Box 4: Luciya, Syrus, Seijun, and Iaquis

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