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Sakura Arms is the #1 fighting card game from Japan, and we are pleased to bring it to the English-speaking world in its entirety! Choose two patron goddesses and prepare to duel under the falling cherry blossoms!

In Sakura Arms, each player chooses two patron goddesses to assist them in a duel. Each goddess confers a unique divine weapon in the form of a deck of special tactics and elemental powers. Build your personal fighting style by selecting 10 cards from among those provided by your goddesses, then duel!

Battles are fast-paced, and revolve around the movement of Sakura Tokens on the board. Tokens between you represent distance, tokens in your aura are your defenses, and tokens in your flare are spirit power used to unleash deadly Ultimate Attacks! Duels are straightforward and elegant, as everything flows from the movement of this one component.


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Each Sakura Arms box contains everything you need to play, so any box is a great place to start, and the most important consideration is your favorite goddess designs. For fans brand new to the series, we recommend the first box here, featuring Yurina on the cover. 


Each of the three boxes in Sakura Arms is completely self-contained and has everything you need to play. So whether you want to try a single box and see if the game is for you, or go all-in and collect the entirety of this beautiful set, it's up to you!

All goddesses are compatible with one another, so with 18 available and selecting 2 each game, players have 153 unique archetypes to experiment with—and of course, there are many ways to build your deck within each pair. The possibilities will only grow as more goddesses continue to join the roster year by year.

A few years ago, AEG released 7 goddesses in their localization of Sakura Arms. However, Sakura Arms went out of print and no more content was ever created beyond the initial box. For many fans of the game—including the members of our team—this was a tragedy that required correction.

Since its first release in 2016, Sakura Arms has seen multiple expansions, and now boasts a total of 18 playable goddesses, up from the original 6 in its first release.

For the Level 99 Games release of Sakura Arms, we're committed to producing all 18 goddesses available now in Japan. Each of the three boxes in this project contains 6 goddesses and all their materials. 

We're also committed to keeping up with the upcoming releases of Sakura Arms in Japan, so you can rest assured that your collection is complete and that the game's meta will continue to evolve!

The money we raise for this project will go towards the production and delivery of the English edition of Sakura Arms. Funds raised by this project will also contribute to our efforts to create an active competitive play scene around the game in the English-speaking world.


  •  BakaFire - Original Designer
  •  TOKIAME - Original Artist
  •  D. Brad Talton Jr. - Producer
  •  Joshua Van Laningham - Localization Project Lead
  •  Ewen Cluney - EN version Translator
  •  Marco De Santos - Community & Testing
  •  Davy Wagnarok - Graphic Design & Pre-Press
  •  Ferdinand Capitulo - Video & Concept Rendering
  •  Kier Arnold - Customer Service & Fulfillment
  •  Jackie Florian - Licensing

Level 99 Games is a world-renowned publisher of tabletop board games and card games. We've gained a reputation as masters of the competitive fighting card game genre through releases like Exceed and BattleCON. Over 10 years, we've successfully launched and delivered over 15 Kickstarter Projects. We love Sakura Arms, and we can't wait to give it the same world-class treatment as any of our first-party brands.

BakaFire Party is the original publisher of Sakura Arms in Japan, and we are grateful to them for granting us the opportunity to bring this storied classic to the English-speaking world.

BODA Board Games is our factory partner for this production. BODA has produced a number of games for us recently, including BattleCON: Unleashed, BattleCON: Devastation, BattleCON: Wanderers, Bullet♥︎, BlazBlue Exceed, and Shovel Knight Exceed.

For fulfillment services, we are partnering with Spiral Galaxy Games (UK & EU, pending Brexit), Fulfillrite (USA & Canada), and Unicorn Games (Australia & New Zealand). Depending on the outcome of Brexit, we have continental Europe partners lined up as well.


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